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I’m Ken Binkley and I have a passion. More than likely if you’re here it is because we share the same passion – FIREWORKS!!

The BinkleysIn 1992 my wife Carla and I began selling retail fireworks (a good excuse for me to buy LOTS of fireworks) and here we are in 2012 celebrating our 20th year! It has been a wonderful experience to meet and watch kids grow up and then return with their own families and to link as “fireworks friends”, with our customers, whom we look forward to seeing each year.

In February of 2008 I began thinking “wouldn’t it be nice if people had access to electrical wireless firing (e-firing) on the consumer level”? Back then there weren’t any RELIABLE products for ignition of consumer fireworks and even so, e-firing requires a good solid system and most on the market at that time had a “Pro” price tag.

So I began a search. My first idea was to find a system capable of firing model rocket igniters. After purchasing many prototypes from many sources I finally found a young lady with an entrepreneurial spirit who worked for a burgeoning systems factory. It turns out that they had had their eye on the consumer firing system market with emphasis on the US market. I had found my perfect partner, Rebecca! Eventually, she opened her own business as a representative of our factory (along with others) and now shares a new house in Liuyang with her new husband Jun and they will soon celebrate their first child. It has truly been a wonderful Journey!

As Rebecca and I began to work on a suitable e-firing system, I specifically desired a system with “distributed” receivers, which I had seen, but at a very expensive cost. Soon, the factory supplied us with our first Phoenix® MR-6, MR-8, and MR-12 systems AND IN ADDITION, they pulled a “back burner” project off of the shelf and opened the original Talon® “007” injection mold. There is only ONE original mold and design, and that’s our Talon® brand! We have since made many changes to our systems in the form of improvements in reliability, stability, and range including FCC Certification on most of our transmitters (with more to follow). In addition, our Talon® itniters have gained a notoriety of their own.

In the future, we will strive to add additional inventory to our store and innovation to our products. We will strive to continue to be your source for economical, reliable e-firing equipment and of course for the best prices on original Talon® igniters. We hope you’ll check back often, leave your comments, and especially tell your friends about Pyroworks.us! Like us on Facebook, leave a Tweet, or follow our blog! We look forward to making you one of our new “Pyro friends”!

-Ken & Carla Binkley